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♪ -year-old boy was shot and killed by george zimmerman. everyone agrees though those facts. they don't agree to any facts after that.
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in fact, there has been of course an outcry across the country. he was not arrested for 45 days, george zimmerman, and people were saying, hey listen, this looks like injustice to us. >> trayvon martin has become a national symbol of what many are calling the very real dangers effecting young black teens. >> from coast to coast thousands of high school students streaming out of schools today wearing hoodies. now the symbol of the trayvon martin tragedy. the shooting of one unarmed black teen morphing into debate andan justicememecaca. cenk: g>>enrge zimmerman, 45 days later was arrested and brought to court. there have been trial and tribulation on that count and he sat down with sean hannity. >> is there anything that you regret? do you regret getting out of the
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car following trayvon that night? >> no, sir. >> do you regret that you had a gun that night? >> no, sir. >> do you feel you would be here with that interview if you didn't have that gun. >> no, sir. >> you feel you would not be here? >> i feel it was god's plan, and for me to second guess it or judge it um. >> is there anything that you might do differently in receipt flowreceipt--retrospect now that time has passed. >> no, sir. >> now here here to explain that, and make a defense for his family, the brother of george zimmerman robert zimmerman. to many americans that's off-putting that he had no regrets. would you take that back if you could? >> i think george--first of all thank you for having me as representative of my entire
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family but george. george is a profoundly religious person. people who are religious, we grew up in the catholic tradition, they have a--they have a tendency to shy away from taking things back or suggesting other realities other than happened. it's in the religion-- >> i'm not sure every religious person would have reacted that way. do you think how people might have been upset when he saids i don't regret what happened. it's a terrible accident where a kid gets shot for no reason. >> i don't hear the same thing that you hear when i hear my brother talk about that. i hear he doesn't have regrets of how those things played out. george did say that, and you didn't play that, he wishes it would have happened some other way. he wishes there was some other thing he would have done or some other circumstance arise that is in that interview. >> let's go to c-7.
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this is part of the 9/11 tape where it could gone a different direction. you said he wishes it would have gone in a different direction. >> this guy looks like he's up to no good, he's on drugs or something. >> these. [ bleep ] always get away. >> are you following him? >> yeah. >> okay, we don't need you to do that. >> cenk: robert, can you see for a lot of americans they're thinking why is this guy following this guy and why does he have a gun and gee, how could it have gone down differently. it would have gone down differently if you didn't follow him and you didn't have a gun. >> it's easy to speculate when you're not there. george made the choice that he made. he was the only person there that survived. >> cenk: the 911 dispatcher was there in a sense saying do not follow him. that's a bad idea. >> right, and george agreed with that person and stopped following that person. >> cenk: really? it didn't appear that way.
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if he's following trayvon and they say don't follow him. he stops then what happens next in your view of things. >> in my view of events it doesn't matter. facts matter and evidence presented in court is what matters. that's what people, your viewers, instead of having something presented to them as facts should look at court record as fact. >> cenk: tell me what happened. >> in george's reenactment when george was under the new polygraph, and he said exactly what happened, the operator did tell him. right after that they asked him what is your name. he said my name is george. they said, we don't need you to do that. he said, okay. he said, what is your name, sir? he said george. he stopped following trayvon martin at that point. >> cenk: are you saying that tray ontrayvon, turned around and attacked the guy with the gun that he thought was following him? >> i'm saying that on that night
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i gave the recount that my brother gave to me. it's been consistent and the same account that george gave them. the first thing that trayvon martin did to george was break his nose. >> cenk: i'm trying to get you to understand if the shoes was on the other foot. if your brother was shot by another guy, and the guy had been following him all along and he has got a gun and he's calling 911 dispatch on him and then someone tells you i shot your brother dead after i followed him. but trust me in the moments you can't see he surprise-attacked me. would you believe that? >> in florida as opposed to virginia where i originally live, you wouldn't know that people have a gun. it's concealed. so you say he follows him and he has a gun. florida requires you to conceal the gun. and taking it out is called brandishing it. the gun was not exposeed until
10:31 pm
george attempted to save his life. when that gun was exposed george didn't show it to someone but he saved his life. >> cenk: you can see from trayvon's family perspective it's a weird thing to say that yeah, i followed the guy. yeah i had the gun but then i saved my life by jumping on top of him. let me put it to you a different way. can you see why there was an outcry to have him arrested? no one is saying what the jury should decide. i'm not saying that, and i don't think anybody in the trayvon martin family is saying that, it's. but to say in in the beginning george zimmerman does not have a background check but they check it on the victim. toxicology, they don't check it on the shooter but the victim. what an injustice. >> i can see two things. i can see there obviously has
10:32 pm
been in justice in the way blacks have been treated in our justice system. there is a perceived disparity. i can see that george when nobody knew anything about him used the word white to question his integrity. used the word white as if some how means that what you said is not actually what happened, and people who are white should apologize and earn their credibility. i don't think that race should be used anywhere, white black and asian. >> i didn't ask you about race. the racial points you make are interesting ones, but the kids on the ground, the guy who got shot no matter what race he is, he's got a bullet hole in his chest. they checked to see whether he's guilty. the guy who did the shooting, they didn't do any checks. do you think that might seem like a gross injustice. >> it may seem like a gross injustice, what you're alleging, that a black kid had been treated in an unjust way opposed to the white man who shot him. that's not what happened.
10:33 pm
if those questions were raised in the beginning if there were questions raised about the police department or procedure they may be fair questions. but the questions directed to the city of sanford and how they do their job those answers where not forthcoming by politicians, they cannot be directed to now george has to answer them or he's a racist or white man they're not the same. >> cenk: it's not a matter of george being racist, it's a matter of-- >> it is a matter in why do you assume why the guy is dead is guilty. i got to move on to one critical thing. is it correct that you think there was a huge scuffle. george thought according to his account, your account that his life was in danger. is that what happened, a big scuffle? >> that's what i agreed to, yes there was an encounter that started with trayvon martin
10:34 pm
marking george's nose. whatever else happened after that will come out in court. what the viewers heard when they heard, according to what you put on the air coons. it's about george being a racist racist. your audience comments says he's racist and the story comes that that person is white. >> cenk: let me address it real quick. the concern is not as much about george than the authorities. why do the authorities make the assumption that they do. >> we can agree on that. >> cenk: but the scuffle you george himself there is a scuffle, his nose is broken, pounding his head in the ground, and when they do the dna test there is almost none of george's dna on trayvon martin, and hardly any dna from trayvon on zimmerman.
10:35 pm
how could that be if there is this enormous scuffle. >> if i were a forensic expert, i could explain the dna but obviously i'm not a forensic scientist, and near are you. journalism is asking a person who is an expert how can that be. and someone more qualified could answer your question when it pertains to he evidence. but because he's my brother and his life is hanging on the line, i won't comment about evidence. >> cenk: we've had scientific experts, former detectives here on the show. you were here, so i wanted to give a chance to explain it. now that you're here, i got to ask you one last question. forget george. do you regret what happened? do you wish george had not been out that night especially with a gun. >> my brother always goes out with a gun. like many people in the state of florida.
10:36 pm
the gun is concealed. it's a human story. at the end of it i wish no one had died. i can't regret by proximategy any of george's actions because i wasn't there. do i wish george had never gone to target? i wish he had never gone to target. but i don't have that power. we'll let the courts decide based on evidence what happened. >> cenk: thank you for joining us on "the young turks." >> thank you for having me, cenk. >> cenk: when we come back, the entitled rich, they're a fascinating set. wait until you find out who might be mitt romney's treasure secretary, and what he thought he was entitled to. >> why is it always assumed that somebody doesn't succeed because he can't as opposed he doesn't want to or-- >> cenk: and of course, later in the program as always, the elbow of the day who is getting? who is delivering it?
10:37 pm
guess on (vo) what is said here could decide the election. current tv presents coverage of the presidential debate. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> you're going to hear that used as a major talking point. (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >>now that's politically direct. health matters to all of us. that's why lysol has started a mission for health. with new mom programs, lysol healthy habits initiatives in schools and disaster relief efforts. when you use lysol at home, you'll know you're a part of something bigger. for healthy tips and more, visit
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: sam zell is a billionaire, private equity manager. he bought the company and bankrupt them in a year. this genius goes on mnbc quack box.
10:41 pm
>> the reality is the whole focus has been on how the quote, 1 percenters, or the top earns have move ahead of everybody. i wonder if there is anchoralation while they were moving ahead,s the rest of the government was subsidizing more and more people. why is it always assumeed why somebody doesn't succeed because they can't or doesn't want to. >> cenk: interesting. he seems to indicate, well, that the government is subsidizing the for a. he's taking the incentive away. the bottom 60%, what are the tax breaks they get? they got 20% of the tax breaks. so you know they're 60% of the country but they only got 20% of the tax breaks. let's look at where sam zell is,
10:42 pm
they got 24% of the tax breaks. they got more tax breaks than the bottom 60%. what do they do? they say, can you believe what the bottom is getting in terms of tax breaks from the government is subsidizing their way of life. no they're subsidizing your way of life. >> the world is not a zero-sum game. if i succeed, it doesn't mean that you don't. i succeed because i'm driven, and i take the risks and deal with it. >> cenk: well, of course if you don't succeed and you drive the tribune company into bankruptcy, and you do it all on your own? you run an s-corporation which means you don't pay the same taxes as a regular corporation. look at that, you save $1.8 billion. you might say there is a good
10:43 pm
reason for a s-corporation but you got a $1.8 billion tax break. so don't tell me how the government didn't help you. now, to the idea well, this is not a zero-sum game. we're not taking from the middle class? let's show you a chart of productivity and percentage of income. productivity is the green line. you can see it's rising above the blue line. what is the blue line? the average overall wages. so you're very productive, but did you get the wages? no, the red line. let's take a look, oh, yeah, the top 1%. the top 1% took that productive productivity. let me tell you something, do you know right now the average income is about $50,000? if we had stayed and gotten the productivity that we actually produce as workers in america the average income instead of going to the 1% had gone to the rest of us would have been $92,000. can you imagine if the average american was making $92,000 a year? as they should have based on
10:44 pm
their productivity. finally let me show you the other chart here. this is called the genie coefficient. it shows you if you can go up or not in society, whether you can move into that top 1%. i'll simplify it for you. the european country the people that sam zell makes fun of, as he did in that interview are best in terms of moving people into that top bracket, the best equality. the most inequality? the united states of america is off the charts. after all that--let me show you something about corporate welfare. social welfare $59 billion. corporate welfare $92 billion. this is who is getting the welfare. after all that john theyne may be the treasure secretary. he ran merrill lynch into the ground. he asked for $10 million in a buy newsbonus after a bankrupt.
10:45 pm
they lost over $11 billion. you lose $11.67 billion, and then you ask for a $10 million bonus? that's the entitlement complex that the top percent have, and mitt romney, you're putting that guy in charge of treasury? they have no bounds of reason. when we come back, gary johnson libertarian candidate for president. >> time is running out. will you choose pl yourselel ouou of tf dotdyo minds m.ds. this november, don't throw your
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: gary johnson, the former governor of new mexico is also the presidential caped for the libertarian party. he joins us now. governor johnson, thank you for
10:49 pm
joining us. we appreciate it. >> great to be with you, thank you. >> cenk: no problem. let's get to it. the debates are tomorrow night. they start tomorrow night. if you were in the debate, how do you think you would change the term of that debate? >> well, i'd be the only candidate on stage that doesn't want to bomb iran. i would be the only candidate on stage who wants to get out of afghanistan tomorrow, bring the troops home. i would be the only candidate on stage advocating for marriage equality believing that it's constitutionelly guaranteed and the only candidate who wants to end the drug wars and legalize marijuana now. the only candidate on stage who would repeal the patriot act. i never would have signed the defense authorization act and the only candidate on stage who wants to balance the federal budget tomorrow, believing unless we balance the federal budget we find ourselves in a monetary collapse. then lastly, jobs. let's eliminate income tax corporate tax, abolish the irs and replace all of that with one
10:50 pm
federal consumption tax. i'm embracing the fair tax. i think it's really the answer when it comes to american jobs. in a zero corporate tax rate, it would create millions of jobs. >> cenk: you were doing so well to the end. [ laughing ] >> cenk: really, really, we'll get to the massive disagreement in a second. but 80% of what you said in the beginning is so much more progressive than a democratic candidate, it makes you wonder if there is something wrong with our system? you're a funny person to ask because you're running on the libertarian party but are you surprised that the democratic candidate is so far to the right of you on so many issues? >> well, the fact that i'm more liberal than obama on many issues, and i'm a lot more conservative than romney on a
10:51 pm
whole bunch of issues. dollars and cents on the republican side and social issues on the democrat side in. >> cenk: what happened to the democratic party when the libertarians are so much more liberal on 80% of the issues. >> i what happened to the republican party that they can't balance the budget for 28 years with growth built in the budget? if any one of these guys win we'll be in a continued state of war. we'll continue with military interventions that i argue has us with hundreds of millions of enemies to this country but for these military interventions wouldn't exist. and the deficit will continue to grow and i suggest we'll have continue to have unsustainable debt and spending. >> cenk: let's go to the point of disagreement. i want to balance the budget, but i want to do it fairly, far more fairly than what president obama is suggesting, but i would increase taxes. i would agree with you in taking
10:52 pm
away the nonsense wars and, etc. how are you going to balance the budget by lowering taxes? come on, the math doesn't add up. >> cenk, the fair tax is revenue neutral. i'm not talking about raising taxes or lowering taxes but cutting spending. that's something that needs to start with medicaid, medicare and military spending. you got obama and romney debating who is going to spend more money on medicare when we need to have a raging debate and discussion in this country on how we slash medicare spending or we find ourselves with no healthcare for those over 65. that's the alternative. the monetary collapse--excuse me quickly. a monetary collapse when the dollars we have in our pocket don't buy a thing because of the inflation that is going to go along with borrowing and printing money to the tune of 43
10:53 pm
of every dollar. >> cenk: ron paul seems to be saying the same thing do you but you haven't been able to capture them-- >> that's not the case. your ron paul supporter i'm saying the same things as ron paul. i ran for the republican nomination. i thought it would be really hard to marginalize two people on stage saying the same thing ron paul and myself. i didn't find myself marginalized. i found myself down-right excluded while ron paul was marginalized. >> cenk: thank you so much for joining us. >> cenk, thank you much. >> cenk: all right running for president for the libertarian party. when we come back, the elbow of the day. (vo) what is said here could decide the election. current tv presents coverage of the presidential debate. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> you're going to hear that used as a major talking point.
10:54 pm
(vo) the only network with the campaigns and from viewers like you. >>now that's politically direct.
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. >> cenk: michele bachmann is one of the darlings of the right wing. she ran for president. she was leading for awhile. so obviously she's got her own race locked up, right? wrong. turns out 48% 46% jim graham is closing on her. that's within margin of error. there is some chance she will lose. she goes to chicago to do some
10:57 pm
fund-raising. she happens to stop by a synagogue. when she does, she is not well received. one of the guys who has been there for 25 years at the synagogue, gary, says this. i love this. he says michele bachmann's at imette. unholy person being in my synagogue. i made a contribution to jim graves. in fact, when asked graves' campaign about this, they say a tribune reporter tells me graves' campaign had a 400% increase from chicago since tuesday. we built that! i love that. gary is awesome. he says look, this evil person comes into our church, i'm not going to stand for this. she's against everything we teach here. learning education science et cetera. all of a sudden, michele
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